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Zellophanee 2 months ago

Anyone else think Millie looks like Cassie from Euphoria?

mikayla johns
mikayla johns 2 months ago

Can chole a Christmas haul and back to school haul

Angel 2 months ago

Are you guys Australian

Joal Akenya
Joal Akenya 2 months ago

Bought Gucci Marmont bag on the website @ I am honestly very satisfied with this company. Maybe the best I ever bought a bag from. Peace

Millie Barlow
Millie Barlow 2 months ago

Hi love your video keep it up 🎉😊I been sudscribers for 3 years

charlize endern
charlize endern 2 months ago

wow! I am in love with your room!! Will there be a room tour video in the near future??

Reese Kane
Reese Kane 2 months ago

Omg where is that corset top from??

alana mallett
alana mallett 2 months ago

does anyone know where the white corset top is from?

Meg Pitceathly
Meg Pitceathly 2 months ago

are you able to link or mention where the heart mug thing is from? it sounds so fun omlll i need to see

Sammy 2 months ago

Loved this Millie!!

Steph 2 months ago

ur so pretty Millie <3

Amelia Rose
Amelia Rose 2 months ago

What’s on my iPhone video

Tahlia Davis
Tahlia Davis 2 months ago

i go thte same pa pyjamas bahahah wore them while watching this lmaoo

idontbelonganywhere 2 months ago

loved this, you’re glowing Millie❤️‍🔥

Helena lit
Helena lit 2 months ago

girl I've been watching u guys for ages AND UR GLOW UP IS UNREAL

Charlize thorpe
Charlize thorpe 2 months ago

You are so lucky

Megan s
Megan s 2 months ago

Is it even Millie’s what I got for Christmas without Peter Alexander pjs 🤣💘

Amelia Paul
Amelia Paul 2 months ago

Your voice sounds so different

Imogen Mee
Imogen Mee 2 months ago

Amazing. Hope you had a great christmas. Can chloe do a what she got for christmas

:/Y luna
:/Y luna 2 months ago

milie your literally a style icon now

Naomi Simmonds
Naomi Simmonds 2 months ago

Is Chloe going to do a what she got for Christmas video

dirjana gatt carabott

Future video ideas
- back to school haul for the last time
- clean out my closet
- last moment of high school
- what’s on my iPhone
- get ready with me for graduation
- vlogs

Eleni H
Eleni H 2 months ago

I would love to see a gift exchange with different categories ❤️

Hannah Pollock
Hannah Pollock 2 months ago

Where is the cami pj top from?

Amy's life
Amy's life 2 months ago

Please do a room tour please

heylolhey 2 months ago

I would love to see any shopping videos and thrifting videos x

Dominik Benz
Dominik Benz 2 months ago

anmazing vifoe i enjoy cool things looks awesome pretty stunning queens

Corey higgins
Corey higgins 2 months ago

Where are the juicy couture undies from

The Heart of Zany
The Heart of Zany 2 months ago

Looking very pretty Chloe, and more grown up here. Love the gifts! :)

Anaya Landy
Anaya Landy 2 months ago

no those shoes are amazing

Marissa Newman
Marissa Newman 2 months ago

Wow so I haven’t watched in a while and you look and sound so different omg!!

flwr 2 months ago

Where the jewellery stand from

Sophie Murphy
Sophie Murphy 2 months ago

where did you buy the posters that are in your room ?

Hi There
Hi There 2 months ago

Oooo! I hope you had a great Christmas Millie! I know it’s kind of early but will someone be doing a back to school supplies video? ❤️

Samantha Jane
Samantha Jane 2 months ago

Where is the second pair of pjs from?

Bella Laurence
Bella Laurence 2 months ago

Where is that white necklace from at 10:36

udabears 2 months ago

Wait I just realized they live in Australia (I think) one of my classmates are Australian and they celebrate Christmas in summer

liltimmytim 2 months ago

School/ study related videossss plssss esp since you’re in yr 12 plssss

caitlin witt
caitlin witt 2 months ago

Love this video, could u pls do an updated room tour ❤️❤️❤️

anna and ruby show
anna and ruby show 2 months ago

will chloe do one as well

Mulaikah Abdullah
Mulaikah Abdullah 2 months ago

I would like to see a week in my life vlog, or what I eat in a day, or what I eat in a week. I love watching those kind of videos.

Mikaela Tanny
Mikaela Tanny 2 months ago

I really want some Satin Peter Alexander Pyjamas but I can’t justify the price! They are gorgeous. I love Pyjamas.

Mulaikah Abdullah
Mulaikah Abdullah 2 months ago

Will Chloe also do a "what I got for Christmas" video? I loved this one so much❤

leen mansi
leen mansi 2 months ago

loved this video but not as much as i love u girls xoxo your big fan leen 💗

Sharleen McHugh
Sharleen McHugh 2 months ago

Welcome back
Merry last Christmas
Hope you have a wonderful News year

Lauren Chan
Lauren Chan 2 months ago

please do an updated room tour! love your videos xx

Alex Will
Alex Will 2 months ago

I love your room it gets better and better every time

dancingSasha 2 months ago

Love the vid !

I was the 20th to like the vid !

Victoria Matheson
Victoria Matheson 2 months ago

love ur new room <3

Holly Parkinson
Holly Parkinson 2 months ago

Omg yasss Millie 😱❤️

Mya 2 months ago

4 seconds early

Mya 2 months ago


Isabella Ritchie
Isabella Ritchie 2 months ago


Mulaikah Abdullah
Mulaikah Abdullah 2 months ago

Yay so excited to watch