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Las Vegas and Beyond
Las Vegas and Beyond 2 months ago

This is a shortened version of Glittering Lights, mainly due to the poor low-light performance of the 360 camera. This 360 video should lose me subscribers, like all my 360 videos 🀣🀣🀣

jazzy rangel
jazzy rangel 2 months ago

Thanks to your video, we’re taking our baby girl here tonight! She loves Christmas lights 😍

The Midlife Ride
The Midlife Ride 2 months ago

Great job, Alan. I really loved the music you used. Lots of teary-eyed viewing here. Why am I so emotional lately???

The Midlife Ride
The Midlife Ride 2 months ago

9:20 This was cool to watch, probably even cooler to drive through. Do you remember if you felt anything?

The Midlife Ride
The Midlife Ride 2 months ago

Love the pterodactyl at 8:38 and the dinosaur display.

The Midlife Ride
The Midlife Ride 2 months ago

6:22 Oh yeah, the first time we watched I said, "did that just say unwelcome? We must be moving into Grinchville." And, we were! Lol!

The Midlife Ride
The Midlife Ride 2 months ago

5:40 awesome monster truck on the right

The Midlife Ride
The Midlife Ride 2 months ago

4:17 The moving motorcycle on the right is very cool.

The Midlife Ride
The Midlife Ride 2 months ago

It was nice to see displays advertising the sponsors.

The Midlife Ride
The Midlife Ride 2 months ago

This display was perfect for a 360 video. We watched this on the big screen when it first came out. Chris was navigating and we could really make out the displays on the sides when we swiped around and viewed them more head-on. Watching now on the computer so I can leave my comments :)

The Midlife Ride
The Midlife Ride 2 months ago

Hot hard cider sounds delicious. But, hot chocolate will work :)

LetYrLiteShine 2 months ago

This was cool. Thanks for vlogging a 360 version.

Natural Wonders
Natural Wonders 2 months ago

Greetings Friend - Super Liked πŸ‘ Vegas is awesome, love to visit there again one day soon. The food buffets there are amazing. New support πŸ‘

The Other Me
The Other Me 2 months ago

This Is really fun to play with on the big screen lol

Nancy G
Nancy G 2 months ago

That looks like fun for families, little kids would like it. Not sure if I would pay to see Christmas lights when I could just drive through neighborhoods and see them. Great video, I’m always so impressed with the 360 videos. Merry
Christmas πŸŽ„

Mike 2 months ago

They have something similar to this in Louisville except it’s in a cavern under the Zoo.

This Is The Way Las Vegas

This is pretty cool

tony brigner
tony brigner 2 months ago

very pretty thanks for the tour

The Laughing Lion
The Laughing Lion 2 months ago

This is awesome. Nobody does these 360 videos and it's a brilliant idea for this glittering lights drive. I like the tunnels the most. Starting at 10:42, the wrap up conversation was cracking me up😹

Kitchen with Muskan
Kitchen with Muskan 2 months ago

Mashallah good πŸ‘ video dear friend Stay contacted full watch please ap mere ghar bi Aya Na

r g
r g 2 months ago

I have never attended this attraction for the 10 years I have lived in Las Vegas. Thanks for the tour and you have convinced me to visit the lights this year. The 360 views are fantastic.

washanda washington
washanda washington 2 months ago

I loved this so much Alan! Thank you! We have drive-thru lights here, but I never really get to enjoy them, being the driver. Kinda hard to enjoy when you're busy trying not to hit the car in front of you or cursing at the guy behind you for playing stupid loud music (Just call me Scrooge). So this was a treat! And no matter how many times I hear that "snow is falling" song, it just makes everything so Christmassy. πŸ€©πŸ€—πŸ˜­πŸ˜Š
So, do each of those businesses decorate their own section of the speedway? Thank you! More 360s please. (Gonna go watch one more time) 😊

k c
k c 2 months ago


The Frontiersman Travel Adventures

Oh yeah! Loved this on my Smart Phone! Love the music. Fun using the swipe around! You were funny! Good to see that you got her to look up from her phone!

T-Bone Steak
T-Bone Steak 2 months ago

I drove through this show in was an amazing experience!

DaiJo 2 months ago

Love this 360 video. I think it's worth what your friend paid for considering its more than 2 miles and 40 minutes of creative lights. I like this display of lights during the holidays and I'm not unsubbing. 😊

Straight Outta Vegas
Straight Outta Vegas 2 months ago

Well now I'm NOT gonna UNSUBSCRIBE because you said I wouldπŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜† Mine won't be this long and probably won't have any dialogue. It'll be a fast and crazy short that will probably give people headaches which will lead to UNSUBS🀣🀣🀣

FrontierTina 2 months ago

No unsubscribing hereπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚! Watched on big screen with Walt! Need to watch on my phone to get the full effectπŸ‘!! I would like to drive thru and see this in person! Thanks for sharing, Alan!!!

Vegas Best Ideas
Vegas Best Ideas 2 months ago

We have a similar thing in our city but it's in the Forestry Form and not in a straight path πŸ˜‰ This one was really beautiful and great music Alan πŸ’™ All your videos are awesome, don't worry about the subs, the right ones will come and stay 😘

The Frontiersman Travel Adventures

I will have to watch this again on my phone, so I can get all the angles. Watching now on the big screen. I would love to see this in real life.

Outdoor Nature Adventures

a great work. nice talent. great sharing
big thumbs up

Sweet_T_ Shelby
Sweet_T_ Shelby 2 months ago

Everything was great Alan I had no problems with the 360 although I watched it on my television and it looked very good; perfect to be honest. And your music match the whole vibe

Explore Travel TV
Explore Travel TV 2 months ago

I did this last year, was pretty cool. Ton of lights for sure! that is cool you did it in 360 great uses for that

DLVTT 2 months ago

Love the 360, you will always be my friend πŸ˜‚πŸ€£