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4heywoodkids 2 months ago

I'm thinking what to get for christmas

Jacqueline Grant
Jacqueline Grant 2 months ago

Those toys are boring and for one year olds

P 2 months ago


P 2 months ago

I love lego and did these creations over Christmas!

JackalopesAlley 2 months ago

I have a marble run as well. Its called gravitrax and it is so fun! Like you can choose how high is is and stuff. Its really cool. I reccomend.

Michee Nzamununu
Michee Nzamununu 2 months ago

I'm never buying toys with small pieces again; I have no more space to safely land my foot :) .

Ronnie Peele
Ronnie Peele 2 months ago

I love these videos

Corrina Love
Corrina Love 2 months ago

This video was so helpful! Thank you for sharing Emily 😊

Kay Campbell
Kay Campbell 2 months ago

THANKS I'm new to this channel

Ashleigh Maree's Home

You inspire me girl, this made me think about gifts for my kids in a whole different way

Tracy Castro
Tracy Castro 2 months ago

OK so you’re a lifesaver of the year! Thank you thank you thank you! The thought that you put behind this is what makes it so amazing because I trust you and I don’t even know you lol.

Melissa White
Melissa White 2 months ago

Thank you for all of the ideas! Going to check out your other gift guide videos now! Merry Christmas 🎄 from my family to yours!

Katie Kopp
Katie Kopp 2 months ago

Yes! This is what I was looking for! I have 3 boys as well, 11, 8 and 6 😄🥰 this was perfect thanks for the help!

Isaura 2 months ago

If u have any new but old toys I will take for my kids hard time this season

Lois Palmer
Lois Palmer 2 months ago

This video was so helpful! I’ve purchased three of your recommendations and the kids are going to love them x

Kane StHilaire
Kane StHilaire 2 months ago

I grew up on those magnet tiles. My grandma had them and every time I went over there I played with them with my cousins.

Fabiola Arauz
Fabiola Arauz 2 months ago

Found it! How in the world did I miss this vid! You are a life saver! Love it!!

michal pitowsky
michal pitowsky 2 months ago

Haha, the playdoh's dentist set... my three year old chose it in a store. my husband and I thought it was odd but went along. It's one of his favorite toys, he keeps going back to it. I wonder why because to me it's so creepy. but as long as he is entertained...

Love&Spice 2 months ago

This has made me realize how much a person does to make their child happy! Keep up the good nurturing y'all. Even if you're not able to afford the exact ones. Do what u can and spend TIME!!

lexa winter
lexa winter 2 months ago

I've bought the 7yos a tefal cake factory oven this will be great for so many reasons in our house, trying new foods measurements, planning, hand eye coordination, reading, sensory feedback and of course enjoying yumi treats with friends.

Noelle Korody
Noelle Korody 2 months ago

I agree with all of these. We have 2 boys and a baby girl and have nearly every item on this list (I don't do Slime!😝). The boys have had years of joy from that Ice cream cart alone. Way more than I would have expected. At 6 & 8 they still play with all of these items. Great list!

MrsI82 2 months ago

Gravity maze is another fun game from Think Fun which is a good move on from marble run. I like the kits either bathbombs or choc lollies because feels like you're giving them good amount play time/quality time together.

Lianne Trusler
Lianne Trusler 2 months ago

Great ideas as always ❤️

ERIN HELZER 2 months ago


A C 2 months ago

I LOVE everything you showed me once again I'm only 11

The Daily Dhanak
The Daily Dhanak 2 months ago

So helpful as always Emily! I’ve also included magnetic tiles this year as they are already proving to be so popular with my 2.5yr old and I can see from your video he’s going to love them when he’s older too! Also got inspo from your guide snd bought my son a similar ice cream toy from Melissa and Doug. So excited for him to open them on Xmas day!

Dawn Brook
Dawn Brook 2 months ago

Books for Xmas? I don’t bother as can buy them cheap through the year and read enough at school

Made Lovingly
Made Lovingly 2 months ago


Bryanna Bartel
Bryanna Bartel 2 months ago

When I was kid (90s), I had a Barbie dream house that I loved playing with. My sister had the van that she played with often. Definitely my favorite Barbie accessory. I didn’t see a pool in the one displayed. Pity. That was one of my favorite parts of the house. One of my hamsters liked to sit in it and I would pretend he was swimming in it.

Carol Scammell
Carol Scammell 2 months ago

Hello there I am new to your channel,so many gift ideas for the children if you are stuck for ideas thank you for the suggestions take care X

Família Açoriana
Família Açoriana 2 months ago

I liked the video, I was inspired! Usually my children end up having so many toys that they always end up playing with them afterwards! Little kisses

daniellennard007 2 months ago

Your video is amazing and I am inspired with the toys thank you so much these ideas will be really good for my kids

Lindsey Dawn Art
Lindsey Dawn Art 2 months ago

Im so glad you included the barbie campervan! I have bought one each for my twin girls this christmas and I thought and thought about purchasing them because they are quite pricey but there were so many amazing reviews of them and all my girls play with are barbies so I know they will love it. I rave about play mags too! all my kids love them

Stacey2424 2 months ago

You gotta do a puppy gift guide now

BBisawake 2 months ago

Oh wow love the fort making kit my niece would love that

BBisawake 2 months ago

Aaaah I’ve been looking at Kinetic sand but wasn’t sure! Think I’ll have to just go for it looks great!

BBisawake 2 months ago

Yup got the playmags for my 1 year old and my 2 year old niece and a year later still going strong and my nieces friends love them too!

katrin1984 2 months ago

Yay for the ebay shoutout. I often check prices on ebay for bigger items and find that they are often cheaper there (also brand new). But of course I also work for ebay, so I might be biased. 😅

Thomson Clan
Thomson Clan 2 months ago

Love your list, got some ideas 😁 especially the tent kit, I think my boys would love that!

Last year I got MARBLE RUN that the balls GLOW in the dark, national geographic from Amazon. My little boy plays with it all the time.

Annette Marquez
Annette Marquez 2 months ago

I would have to say I agree with most of these as a mama of a three year old. My son has a lot of these and loves them most. I do lovevery subscription and some other Montessori inspired toys too but these are definitely winner toy ideas in my opinion.

Outdoor Outfitters 365

Thank you for sharing the fun video!

Amanda Rose
Amanda Rose 2 months ago

Can you do a stocking stuffer video? Stockings are my favorite to fill! And you always have unique fun ideas!!! 🎄

Faeryfae1 2 months ago

Hi Emily! I've just ordered some MagnaTiles for my 3.5 year old, for Christmas because he loves building and I wanted someone else other than Lego. Thanks for the recommendation and I hope you are all well ❤😊

K G 2 months ago

Very helpful, thank you

Jakob Bourne
Jakob Bourne 2 months ago

I highly recommend personalised childrens books as gifts to your kids while young, it's basically a type of learning book but made for kids and tailor made to match their theme

Jessica Catterall
Jessica Catterall 2 months ago

My girls 2 and 4 love play mags definitely recommend for any gender and any age!

MaritimerCanada 2 months ago

I'm blown away with all the great ideas you gave us. I bought my grandson Kinetic sand for xmas and seeing it on your list confirmed to me that I made a good choice. I'm gonna look for the fidget calendar. Thank you so much.

Life and Lilacs
Life and Lilacs 2 months ago

Okay the personalized chocolate is so neat and a great stocking stuffer idea. Love the fort building tools as well.

How to..
How to.. 2 months ago

Great video, thanks for ideas.
In our list we have for our son football skill set, Towo colour sorting game from Amazon and rush hour game. I love the idea about train, but I looking in eBay for it, because can great massive sets for good price..
Lovely day to all.. 🎄🎄🎄

Dana Chadwick
Dana Chadwick 2 months ago

Love these videos, my daughter has the Chelsea barbie campervan it’s smaller barbies as she’s 3 and absolutely loves it! Really liked all your other recommendations as well.

ksiezniczkazuu 2 months ago

Amazing video. Thanks for making it.

Mama Bee
Mama Bee 2 months ago

Definitely added the Barbie camper to our list

Emma Mitchell
Emma Mitchell 2 months ago

Thanks for all the suggestions Emily, perfect for my 3 year old. He loves the ice cream truck and play doh. Already bought a marble run as he is obsessed. Can't wait to look at a few more of these for him x

Rachael Lindley
Rachael Lindley 2 months ago

Loved this video! Lots of things we have at home that I would also recommend, and lots of new Christmas ideas too! Definitely will be ordering some of these for my children 😊🎅

Alina Ghost
Alina Ghost 2 months ago

Great ideas thank you :) thinking a scooter but my boy is under 2 so maybe it’ll be a birthday pressie instead!

LizLPatrick 2 months ago

His godmother bought our son the plagmags last year (he was 18 months at the time) abs they are still a huge hit in our house I’ll think we will be using them for a while. I’ve now purchased them for my nephew for Christmas knowing how well used they’ve been x

Laibah Hussain
Laibah Hussain 2 months ago

Nice stuff out

Laibah Hussain
Laibah Hussain 2 months ago

Good night

Laibah Hussain
Laibah Hussain 2 months ago

Kids find stuff fun

Laibah Hussain
Laibah Hussain 2 months ago

All kids like stuff

Laibah Hussain
Laibah Hussain 2 months ago

Kids love stuff

Laibah Hussain
Laibah Hussain 2 months ago

How are you

Laibah Hussain
Laibah Hussain 2 months ago


Andrea Damas
Andrea Damas 2 months ago

God! Now I want them all.

Samantha Spring
Samantha Spring 2 months ago

I LOVE watching your videos Emily. I have been following you since I had my first child. Now I have three and my eldest is 4 1/2 years old. You give such great Mum advise. Yet another video that was extremely helpful. Thank you!

Gidey Debretsion
Gidey Debretsion 2 months ago

Thank you for sharing darling

Hennie Kovacikova
Hennie Kovacikova 2 months ago

What a great list. I love everything on that list. gave me some ideas for this year Christmas presents.

christina connolly
christina connolly 2 months ago

Thank you for this Emily - I have now ordered my 2 granddaughters (8 & 1) their Christmas gifts on your recommendations - it was SO helpful xx

Kerry Forsyth
Kerry Forsyth 2 months ago

Magnatiles are such a brilliant gift, a bit pricier than the ‘copy’ versions but worth it as they are such good quality they really stand the test of time!

Bear Defelice
Bear Defelice 2 months ago

We have got the girls the Oculus. (VR) the boys will love it and matt will probably like it too 😂
Great video look how little jackson looks in those clips x

Danielle M
Danielle M 2 months ago

I cannot tell you the amount of items I’ve saved to our wishlist after watching this, Christmas sorted, thanks so much Emily 😘

Lena Makas
Lena Makas 2 months ago

Great ideas you shared Emily. Glad to see Orchard Toys get a mention. They are both creative and very esthetically pleasing. Magnetic shapes and marble run are popular with my 3 yr old and 6 months old boys. Wooden train set, however, they can't share for the life of them! Thanks for the video!

Rodelyn Genegaban
Rodelyn Genegaban 2 months ago

Hello new subscriber here from phillipines,happy watching ur vlog.

Tinulchik 2 months ago

Best toys guide I’ve seen for kids, so big thank you! But where’s the playlist for toddlers?

Chantel Barrett
Chantel Barrett 2 months ago

Great guide Emily! My kids have a lot of these suggestions and have loved them as well.

Donna Lewis
Donna Lewis 2 months ago

Great ideas :-) thankyou for sharing. Lots of love Donna xx

rachel 2 months ago

I've just waiting in anticipation for this video! You always have the best present ideas

stellarfox 2 months ago

Amazing recommendations!

How to draw with William

Hi Emily, where is the toy shop you have. Its a lovely white wooden one. Fabulous gift guide, thankyou xxx

Elizabeth Ryan
Elizabeth Ryan 2 months ago

I want to say thank you, you always give me inspiration if not presents, food, cleaning, organisational. You and your family are just fabulous! Thank you xxx

Mummy Stables
Mummy Stables 2 months ago

Thank you so much for making this video! I've got 2 little ones of my own and an army of nieces and nephews so this was very helpful! Great ideas as always ❤🙌🎅

Klara Anim
Klara Anim 2 months ago

Anyway, I hope your boys are not watching this video otherwise they might not have any surprise left 😄

Klara Anim
Klara Anim 2 months ago

My kids are going to get Playmobil - house with sounds for my daughter and very nice set of aquarium with sea lions and penguins and other things for my boy. They will also get a magic pen that reads books and 5 books with it. They can learn shapes, colours, rhymes, songs, animals, English, etc in a fun way.
Girl is also going to get a baby doll and a scooter. She's started stealing the one of her brother's as soon as she learned how to walk 😄
For boy it's always a bit difficult as he has birthday on 27th December but for sure he will get more magformers and I'm still deciding whether to give him a skateboard for Christmas or birthday.
And I can't forget Hot wheels tracks 😄

Erika Fiorini
Erika Fiorini 2 months ago

My boys absolutely love the brio trains. We've had them since my eldest was 3 and now at age 9 and 7, they both still love them.

Tina K
Tina K 2 months ago

Love these ideas, we have many at our home. Do you have a video for stocking stuffers? I need some good ideas for my 7 year old son.

Bon brindley
Bon brindley 2 months ago

Almost every item on this list would be perfect for my kids! Thanks Emily!

Becca Hunley
Becca Hunley 2 months ago

Does Fraser have a 2 wheel scooter? My son is 10 and I’m not sure which to get 2 or 3 wheel. He has our grown the one that he got at 2 years old.

Shine 2 months ago

You really know about toys 😁 thank you for many ideas. I loved the books’ ones as I was looking or those since ever 🤩

Hila Cohen
Hila Cohen 2 months ago

Can you also do this kind of video for adults? 💛😊👍

Grade RR M Squiggly Wigglies

My son really wants a little toy barbeque/braai set.Love these ideas so much.Thanks for all the tips.

keeley pugh
keeley pugh 2 months ago

If u like uno there is a new one called uno flip makes it even more interesting x

Justin Temps
Justin Temps 2 months ago

Only one present needed. Gift of giving.
After the past 18 months we are preparing food packages to give to the local food bank and donating toys to the charity store.
Not buying anything to replace them.
Try it, it really frees up the house and makes you all feel like you're contributing to a bigger cause than commercial consumerism.

anshmani kundalia anand

Thanks Emily, very helpful vedio.. I also have 3 kids(2 boys and 1 girl). now I have lots of ideas for toys we can gift them on Christmas..

I think i am gonna buy kinetic sand for them this year, although it would be messy ( ma kids are mess lover) bt its ok..

Noleen Mitchell
Noleen Mitchell 2 months ago

Brilliant girt ideas for kids emily thankyou for sharing💖xx

Jordan Petrie Beauty
Jordan Petrie Beauty 2 months ago

This is brilliant! So helpful thank you x

Slow craft plays
Slow craft plays 2 months ago

Thanks for this. I purchased the minecraft Lego and the knetic sand box. My 9 year old son gets harder to buy for each year he doesn’t ask for much x

Jenna Brennan
Jenna Brennan 2 months ago

Thank you so much I’ve just got a few more gifts added to my kids presents, I love that you did inexpensive items too Emily, love your videos so much! X

Hailey Cooper
Hailey Cooper 2 months ago

Do excited for this video. I get so many ideas from you. Thankyou. We use the playmag on your recommendation. Now i have 2 kids im going to buy the set with 4 cars. Adding kinteic sand to the list and the wooden food. My kids love the ice cream cart. I love personalised books from dinkleboo.
My son is 7 and has asked for goo jitzu toys and pokemon toys. My 2yr old girl has asked for a daddy baby shark bath toy and doll pushchair. I also love learning resources toys. My son is getting the creature beakers volcano and pods and it comes with science experiments, my daughter loves spike the fine motor hedgehog and the snap n learn dinos.

Michelle Wood
Michelle Wood 2 months ago

Thankyou Emily so much as I'm from Australia and I'm struggling to find something for my 9yr old son?
My 11yr old just wanted a rock climber remote control car but my 9yr old cant think of anything he would like.