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Alex Sandoval
Alex Sandoval 2 months ago

It's pre planned . With dedicated soldiers to carry those plans out


These are what people on today is mars crack!

Johnny Zeppeli
Johnny Zeppeli 2 months ago

The comments are really unhinged.... 💀

WagginTailFarm 2 months ago

There is no Mars we are flat earth in the firmament

Dave Thomas
Dave Thomas 2 months ago

Biden didn't win that was fixed no one believes trump lost

Arvind Kumar G Kumar
Arvind Kumar G Kumar 2 months ago

Sir my predictions on war 19/20 of may not good for russ check ,I'm not against russ it's just my predictions

Eddie Serna
Eddie Serna 2 months ago

kamala is trash

jet knight
jet knight 2 months ago

The red tie 🎀 was the biggest MISTAKE !!!!!!!!!!!!

Viewer Fact
Viewer Fact 2 months ago

The problem is that people allow Jews to the authorities in different countries

George Strum
George Strum 2 months ago

No. No. No. No. No.

Michelle Miller
Michelle Miller 2 months ago

The creator of The Simpsons is a 33 degree mason aka demons

Mohammed Ibrahim
Mohammed Ibrahim 2 months ago

The countdown ended in 2, where is number 1 ??

Braden Shields
Braden Shields 2 months ago

New Zealand didn’t already do that but okay

macdonald chaboka
macdonald chaboka 2 months ago

How could they be soo wrong about world peace

macdonald chaboka
macdonald chaboka 2 months ago

It's almost as if people watch the simpsons for new future ideas

Most Thought Provoking

The big no on this one prediction - Harris is not eligible to be president.

Gerry M.
Gerry M. 2 months ago

04:07 the grammatical oddities throughout this video are weird.
Here's an example at 4:07. It's like a translating machine goofed in it's Chinese to English.

Dominique Felder
Dominique Felder 2 months ago

This is straight demonic

John Smith
John Smith 2 months ago

You talk waaaay too much.

Aussieguy420 2 months ago

Austria or Australia or nothing

Vice Lomberty
Vice Lomberty 2 months ago

Homer Simpson is a fraud, he's taking advantage of you all. Simpson knows, and he knows you know. Simpson is NOT a good person. He has been abusing his kids and wife and he is NOT a "good fit" for Maggie. I'm a little bit scared what Homer might do to them with his experiments if he finds out about this video.

imran shah
imran shah 2 months ago

Not a prediction but llulluminta plains

Robert Martin
Robert Martin 2 months ago

A Female President for me the U.S.A. ( Ha.ha ) the joke is on the people of this country. As they will find out in October 2022 the democrats stole the Presidential Election and Gave it to the ANTI-CHRIST.

Nii Nuetey
Nii Nuetey 2 months ago

... So there have been non straight presidents...

Mt gaming
Mt gaming 2 months ago

Simpsons creator-
In next episode i will be president 😂

Murkin Muffley
Murkin Muffley 2 months ago

“Predictions IS shocking”? Really?

sonya gonsalves
sonya gonsalves 2 months ago

The rulers of the worlds like the luminary are the ones that know everything they put this in front of the programming not only in the Simpsons but in a lot of the movies and commercials but a lot of people just don’t pay attention and listen

Quantum Shhhhart
Quantum Shhhhart 2 months ago

so silly.. most of this is obvious things humans was gonna figure out anyways. Star Wars had hologram messages anyways.

Frank Engbjerg
Frank Engbjerg 2 months ago

USA have already had it's first female president.
Carmela Harris was president for 2 hours, when Biden was getting surgery, for he's butt problems..

SAP Z GAMING 2 months ago

I m here from 2022 lemme check these

Edit 1: 1:29 it is done by airtel i think the first hologram.....

Edit 2: 4:04 don't know about this you guys can check😑😑

Edit 3: 5:19 Russia and Ukraine 😢😂

Albert Pang
Albert Pang 2 months ago

Bart Simpsons animations 🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🍺🍻🍺🍻🍺🍻🍺🍻🍺🍻🍺🍻🍺🍻🍺

Random Patriot
Random Patriot 2 months ago

Kamala will never be President. Quid Pro Joe wasn't elected. He stole the Presidency.

XuNe 2 months ago

Heals up harris cannot be, she isn’t american born

Hello! 2 months ago

Metaverse will allow us to time travel. Not physically, but we'll be able to travel to different planets, different times of history and etc.

Eva Cockrell
Eva Cockrell 2 months ago

nothing is spetacular about stupid psycho kamala as president are you out of your mind lady?

Leander Herman
Leander Herman 2 months ago

Seriously Philippines already had a female president and Indonesia really shutup having a female president in the US is not special.

Gloria Aroyo was the female president of the Philippines

MrMister1906 2 months ago

this is being read by a computer...

Şmøķëŕ 777
Şmøķëŕ 777 2 months ago

why nothing happened?

The Hoverboard Guy
The Hoverboard Guy 2 months ago

Homer running on an elliptical.

Molder: His jiggling is almost hypnotic.

Skully: Yes, it’s like a lava lamp.

One of the most underrated Simpsons comedic lines ever!

Zal Escobal
Zal Escobal 2 months ago

nothing happened yet its already 05/05/2022 as of this posting

Beleth 2 months ago

Jesus, shut the fuck up and get to the point.. we all know it’s predictions, that’s why we are here.

Roberta Navarette
Roberta Navarette 2 months ago

Giving us heads up of future events to be expected. They already know. Elites.

Shirley Mills
Shirley Mills 2 months ago


Bala vikram Madhanu
Bala vikram Madhanu 2 months ago

Everybody can predict. If they are willing to move far away from the true saviour

Global Blockchain Advantage

All planned out, you 👂 heard it here 1st!

Billy Griffith
Billy Griffith 2 months ago

Lmao apparently they said on may 5 2022 the world ends and it's litterally tomorrow

Howard Zacklan
Howard Zacklan 2 months ago

He didn’t win, he stole it! Monica Howards wife

Scorpion Kai
Scorpion Kai 2 months ago

All this was planned and we are still waiting for a fantastic miracle or for a god's help while we just endure it all instead of taking our lives to our hands and make some changes that WE want to see, not what politics wants. Everything politics do is by our silent permission and unwillingness to do something. I will now quote some chorus from the sing by Skillet: "Unite and fight to make a better life, everybody one for all, sound off this is the call, RISE AND REVOLUTION!" now let's move to movies. The Hunger Games: do you remember Rue's death scene? And what a sign of three fingers Kitniss showed to her district to let them know that she is with them and supports them, that her fight in the death tournament is gonna be her district's victory? And then all district's people started revolution. Same thing about The Hunger Games The Mockingjay Part 2 is about REVOLUTION. DO SOMETHING, if you are still a human alive and not some kind of zombies.

Marica Love
Marica Love 2 months ago

ahahahaha it’s PREDICTIVE PROGRAMMING and this channel is part of it. They have to TELL everyone what they are going to do duh 🙄 it’s their rule.

Alex Blue
Alex Blue 2 months ago

David icke told us this years ago

Paula Curtis
Paula Curtis 2 months ago

Part of the magic is telling us what they're going to do before the event....thoughs are the rules

Pamela Rogers
Pamela Rogers 2 months ago


c vb
c vb 2 months ago

EARTH Pictures
EARTH Pictures 2 months ago

None of them is correct.. Yes he is flying to Mars through Twitter.. The civilisation of FAKES is coming to a bitter end

Mary E
Mary E 2 months ago

She says "we don't want any harm to come to Biden....." Bite me

sara pleys
sara pleys 2 months ago

Ou nou

ReleaseTheMem12 2 months ago

The Kamala Harris prediction sux. Trump was best President and needs to be president again

Chad Gamber
Chad Gamber 2 months ago

They don't predict nothing,Fools,they knew what they were going to do in the future,the way the elite communicate!!

john ashton
john ashton 2 months ago

Kamala Harris will be the first Mixed female to become president and then be assassinated before her full four years.

Doug Bug
Doug Bug 2 months ago


Top Shelf
Top Shelf 2 months ago

Having Kamala Harris as a president would be horrible but okay lol

Dan Armstrong
Dan Armstrong 2 months ago

Really? A cartoon with a hologram? You can find thousands… you started to lose me at Elon musk HAS colonized Mars. Fully lost me at #7. Not worth continuing.

dJ_kNiGhT_eXcAlibUr_ 2 months ago

Funny asf hey dingus your bad can play at my club. 😅🤣🤣🤣

Bobba Feit
Bobba Feit 2 months ago

What garbage, and reading these comments what r U people on about ? 🤣🤣

Don Bennett
Don Bennett 2 months ago

Won't be Harris but maybe a Republican female

Charlie Frost
Charlie Frost 2 months ago

0:30 lol service as heads up for the Govern-ment if they listened you have that wrong mam! its service as a heads up for "PEOPLE" IF THEY LISTENED The Directors are Free Masons they work with the shadow 
Govern-ment it's all planned, it's the people that need to wake up and start listening. watch the movie "THEY LIVE" 1988 MOVIE

Soul Shine
Soul Shine 2 months ago

They don't want to translate shit. Read thoughts of new babies to see how much our minds really know before we forget is more like it. God people wake up!!! Keep my kid safe some this evil empire. I mean research people is easy since you're on the phone anyway. Follow the money use your heads and ask many questions. Don't fly blindly into life. Do you really trust our government to do right by you?

KellRae416 2 months ago

If I hear one more of the narrators call Tupac TWO PACK I'm gonna lose my shish

KellRae416 2 months ago

So what were the "shocking" 2022 predictions? I hate YouTube channels that have titles that don't make sense in relation to the videos.
Just because you add the phrase "could this be true in 2022" doesn't mean it was predicted for 2022.
Like a white, female president. Even if Biden died and CH took over it wouldn't make sense for 2022. Not that any of that even was implied to be a prediction for this year.

Not yours
Not yours 2 months ago

Harris is the Antichrist

Richies Detail
Richies Detail 2 months ago

They will all be gone soon peices of shit

Gregory Vincent
Gregory Vincent 2 months ago

Springfield will always be safe homers a hero ! 😂 Earth on the other hand has been raped & exploited by man! We deserve an agonizing death for destroying this beautiful place ! People should feel ashamed of themselves ! Elon musk is the only billionaire who actually cares more for people then he does himself or his materialistic items . All the elite rich care about is more more & more for themselves ! Pathetic

Rome Linda Reyes
Rome Linda Reyes 2 months ago

I came to YouTube to learn how to trade after listening to a guy on radio talk about the importance of investing and how he made $460,000 in 4 months from $160k.
Somehow this video has helped shed light on some things, but I'm confused, I'm a newbie and I'm open to ideas.

313inMyHeart 2 months ago

So its good,the one that took this cartoon seriously will be preparing for whatever may be..for those that's not..well..

mgtowkremlin 2 months ago

But yall never listen to me

mgtowkremlin 2 months ago

I can tell u the future of earth is not long after ww3 and great reset Mars will starve to death lunar nuclear reactor will destroy the moon and earth will be thrown into chaos once more

mgtowkremlin 2 months ago

Straight female white president ohhh I think u just angered the transformers community

mgtowkremlin 2 months ago

Fuck no if kamala Harris becomes president I will gladly do the world a service a women as president will be horrible

mgtowkremlin 2 months ago

No one voted for dementia Joe or kamala Harris they were elected on the fact that they would stop the liberals from tearing up there own cities so they can attack russia and give aid to Ukraine which is not a nato country to begin ww3 but in future text books it will called the great reset

mgtowkremlin 2 months ago

Ur economy ruled by jesuits

Aloysius Neumeyer
Aloysius Neumeyer 2 months ago

Nobody voted for Biden or Harris everything is a scam in this world protect yourself everybody! Love your family, and make money and stash cash

Defiant gaming
Defiant gaming 2 months ago

No one voted for Biden or 🐪

Mike Perekrestenko
Mike Perekrestenko 2 months ago

In which episode is this found?

Wesley Hall
Wesley Hall 2 months ago

"Ellen musk"? Okay now you're just trying to be annoying. It's Elon musk. Not "Ellen musk". Seriously who taught you how to speak? Is this like a millennial thing where kids are just trying to get things wrong for the extra attention? I sure do miss the 1990s when everybody was still normal, and not "trolling" for extra attention. That's now three separate names this idiot has gotten wrong in ONE 15 min video. How can you possibly take someone serious about predictions of the future when they are unable to even pronounce VERYYYY easy names? It's not like these are crazy long Indian names like shakumesh bjarkma. How can you POSSIBLY get Elon musk wrong so badly, that you say "Ellen musk"? I think Joe Rogan might be right we must be in some kind of tangent timeline where basically everybody is stupid weird or annoying. Or sometimes even combinations!

Wesley Hall
Wesley Hall 2 months ago

Oh wow you also pronounced Kamala Harris's name incorrectly. I'm sure Edward r Murrow isn't turning over in his grave at all these people pretending to be journalists but pronouncing names incorrectly

Wesley Hall
Wesley Hall 2 months ago

"nostra - damn - us"? Try Nostradamus. Sometimes I honestly think millennials are willing to actually embarrass themselves and get things wrong just to get the extra attention

Miranda Rogers
Miranda Rogers 2 months ago

1 Corinthians 15:1-4

Moreover, brethren, I declare unto you the gospel which I preached unto you, which also ye have received, and wherein ye stand;
2 By which also ye are saved, if ye keep in memory what I preached unto you, unless ye have believed in vain.
3 For I delivered unto you first of all that which I also received, how that Christ died for our sins according to the scriptures;
4 And that he was buried, and that he rose again the third day according to the scriptures:

rdobery 2 months ago

I do not consent

Planet of the Idiots
Planet of the Idiots 2 months ago

IDIOTS elected 2 f'ed MORONS ? Female PREZ is pure stupidity

Studio Terrible
Studio Terrible 2 months ago

The WILSONS have arrived!!

Ash Green
Ash Green 2 months ago

The first female president shouldn't be someone so deplorably bad though.

That just sets women back

Pedro Ribeiro
Pedro Ribeiro 2 months ago

The prediction of World peace it's a fail. Russia invaded Ukraine

RollieBeatz 2 months ago

Aw shi, so elon already knew shit was gonna hit the fan thats why he was always on sum lets go live in mars typecsh

Star Scream
Star Scream 2 months ago

Two Pack Shaker

dekapitatorr 2 months ago

it is not predictions, people are taking inspirations from Simpsons...

Peter Smith
Peter Smith 2 months ago

Kamila Harris president 🤣

Power I'm
Power I'm 2 months ago

I'm a prophet not no white Nostradamus & you don't really want to know how they get this knowledge trust me. Read the Quran verse the spirits. Peace

nzilani .k.
nzilani .k. 2 months ago

It's subliminal messages

Abdullah Boyer
Abdullah Boyer 2 months ago

See how the Hollywood tells the people what's going on in the country. Now do you see how a cartoon predictions is coming to reality!!!!!!! This happen before in the Simpsons. This is how the hide their evil. See how intelligent people pay attention. (Interesting) same girl or guy when I texted that long texted about my days off pho veit.

bigbobvub 2 months ago

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa...take it easy there "Mrs. Prediction" Never, ever, ever, ever NOT ever will kamala "I'm the stupidest politician on the planet" harris become president of the United States!!
If brains were gasoline, she wouldn't possess enough gas to power a piss ant's motorcycle half way around the diameter of a BB!

If kamala harris donated her brain to science, science would contesting the will!

kamala harris is so stupid she's depriving a village somewhere of its idiot!

Between joe biden and kamala harris, she's the smart one!

I could do this all day!